Sets can be found alongside each video in Presentations

Understanding the Aset

Action sets are designed to be your guide through systematically and quickly achieving goals through the college admissions process. They aim to set a pace and work ethic suitable for students hoping to achieve admission at top universities. Asets are all available online and it is recommended to print them to have on your desk throughout the week. Each set is designed to take approximately one week to complete. The first few are made easier to start off, but the pace quickly picks up. Read the entire Aset before working on it.

It is likely that certain Asets may take longer than a week, i.e. they require you going back to them and working on them over time. For example, you will have to go back to Aset 5 to mark when you have completed steps in visiting a college. Items like this will be obvious or noted in the action, otherwise the default is to assume it needs to be completed by the following Aset. You should have them at all times in your Mentorship folder and frequently revisit Asets.

If a chart is too small for your purposes, always feel free to access the .doc version and expand them to your needs.

Attach all materials that intuitively make sense to its particular Aset.

You should have your completed Asets on your desk at the beginning of class, which will be checked. If they are not complete, we don’t want to hear why. You are the one losing out and you may want to discuss it with your mentor. Mentors will use the Asets as a guide to assisting you, so the more detail and effort you give them, the more they can help.