How to Use the Presentation Set

Consider skimming over the Slides and Action Set before you watch the video. Both the sets and videos are designed to be completed in one week as part of the 14-week MSA Mentorship program.

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Philosophy & College Admissions Overview

SAT Tips & Strategies Overview
Motivation - The III Elements
The Power of Resources
Communication & Parents
How to Make the Most of Your Summer

Academics & AP's

Extracurricular Activities

College Visits & Being Muslim in College

Productivity & Presentation

Essays Overview

Letters of Recommendation


Resumes, Forms, & Common App Overview

Choosing a Major & Career Development

The Common Application Essay

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Islam & Education

Elevator Pitches

The “Elevator Pitch” is a teaching method used during MSA Mentorship sessions to engage students in actively communicating their passions, activities, and future goals – much like in an interview or essay. Mentees “pitch” themselves and their passion by explaining it to the class in approximately one minute, after which their pitch is openly and firmly critiqued in both content and presentation by the mentors. Students are strongly encouraged to revise and present again in future sessions. The activity is designed to boost student’s confidence, capacity to handle and improve from criticism, and ability to communicate effectively and succinctly.